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Transform Your Weight in 2024 with Just One Cassius Shake a Day!

Meet Cassius: Simple, Satisfying, Effective. Our shakes are made for men who want real results – more energy, more fullness, and steady weight loss. No gimmicks, just good nutrition that fits your busy life.

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Three Reasons Why You’ll Love Cassius

1. Lose Weight Efficiently

Shed kilos, not time. Cassius is scientifically formulated to kickstart weight loss, keeping you on track towards your goals with ease.

2. Sustained Energy

Power through your day. Packed with essential nutrients, Cassius boosts your energy levels, helping you stay productive and focused.

3. Feel Fuller, Longer

Wave goodbye to hunger pangs. Our unique blend keeps you feeling full and satisfied, cutting down on unnecessary snacking.

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Discover How Simple Nutrition Can Be

Cassius: Quick, Easy, Effective. A meal replacement shake that fits any mealtime. Packed with the right nutrients to keep you full and energized, it's the straightforward way to manage your weight and boost your health.

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Carbohydrate Blend


25 Vitamins &

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Frequently Asked Question

Cassius shakes aid in weight loss by providing a controlled, nutrient-rich meal that's low in calories yet high in protein and fibre. This combination helps keep you full longer, reduces the urge to snack, and supports a healthy metabolism. By replacing one or two daily meals with Cassius, you can effectively manage your calorie intake while still getting the essential nutrients your body needs for overall health and energy.

Cassius differentiates itself from other meal replacement shakes with its unique blend of ingredients. It includes L-Arginine, BCAA, L-Carnitine, and Curcumin powder, which collectively aid in speeding up metabolism, increasing fat burning, and reducing appetite. Additionally, our formula features nootropics and adaptogens like Rhodiola Rosea to help manage stress, a factor in weight gain, and Lactospore, a prebiotic for improved digestion. This comprehensive approach is not commonly found in other shakes, making Cassius a more holistic choice for weight loss and overall health.

Yes, we stand by the quality of our products. If you're not fully satisfied with your purchase, we offer 30 day guarantee.

Yes, all Cassius products are formulated with carefully selected, high-quality ingredients. They are designed by nutrition experts and food scientists to ensure safety and efficacy.

Flexibility is key with Cassius shakes. Here are two routine examples:

  1. One Meal Replacement: Replace either breakfast or lunch with a shake. Enjoy a healthy meal for the other, like grilled chicken salad or stir-fried vegetables with tofu.
  2. Two Meals Replacement: Replace both breakfast and lunch with shakes. Have a nutritious dinner, such as baked salmon and quinoa.

Alternatively, some prefer a shake for dinner and a healthy lunch. Always ensure at least one to two solid, balanced meals each day to meet your nutritional needs."

Our shakes are generally considered safe for people with diabetes as they are low in sugar and high in protein. However, individual needs can vary greatly, so we encourage you to review our nutritional information and consult with your healthcare provider if you have any concerns or specific dietary requirements

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Cassius products are crafted in Australia, supporting local businesses and ensuring quality.

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Cassius products only contain natural ingredients, promoting optimal health and nutrition.

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