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  • I went from 135kg down to 100kg after 5 months
  • Now that I’ve had them I would definitely recommend them!
  • I’m no longer skeptical, I’m a changed believer
  • I use them to replace breakfast and lunch
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  • Previous products haven’t satisfied my hunger cravings but CASSIUS definitely does
  • Jump right in! It will help you and there’s no doubt about it!
  • I have it for breakfast and lunch and it gives me the energy I need to stay on the ball
  • I’ve had a few comments from friends saying that I’m wasting away haha

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  • 97Kg when I started and I’m now down to 82 and i'm feeling great
  • I don’t get hungry on the shakes, they see me through to lunchtime and i'm no longer buying unhealthy snacks
  • I honestly felt a difference within a couple of days. They are amazing!
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