12 Things To Know Before Starting Your Weight Loss Journey

Man in red t-shirt laying on tennis court with multiple tennis balls laid over the court. Tennis bag and towel beside him on the ground.

If you’ve ever felt completely lost when it comes to weight loss, you’re not alone. The amount of noise on social media and in the health and fitness industry around weight loss is overwhelming to say the least. 

Despite the confusion, most people start out their weight loss journey with blind optimism but often find themselves unable to sustain and maintain the lifestyle required to reach their goals.


Well, because there are a lot of small facts and important perspectives on diet, exercise and the human body that most people aren’t aware of before setting out to shed the Dad bod. 

So we compiled a list of things that most people should know, but don’t know, when they first start out on their weight loss journey.  

  • Focus on getting strong and building muscle, not burning fat. The more muscle you have, the more fat you burn (a pound of muscle burns 4-7 calories per day). So if you want to burn fat, build muscle. 

  • Eating healthy doesn’t need to be difficult. Eat 80% nutrient-dense foods (fruits, vegetables, lean protein, healthy fats and whole-grains) and 20% from fun sources. 

  • Research progressive overload and periodisation in the gym. This is how you get strong and build muscle.  

  • Don’t skip on cardio. Not because it burns fat but because it lifts your mood and improves your mental health.

  • The aim isn’t to be shredded. It’s to be healthy and prevent disease. 

  • Food affects your mood. Eat well to feel well. 

  • Feel fuller for longer by adding volume to your meals with vegetables and water. 

  • A diet isn’t supposed to be a chore, it’s supposed to be a lifestyle and one you can maintain. Choose one that best fits how you live life. 

  • Losing weight as fast is actually a determinant for putting it all back on. So slow it down. Do it slowly and sustainably.

  • You have to eat less calories than you burn to lose weight. So ensure you’re in a deficit. 

  • What you eat matters but so does HOW you eat it. Eat mindfully and slowly.
  • Track your food and track your workouts. To manage anything, you must first measure it. 

Remember: Your weight loss journey is YOUR weight loss journey. 

It will look different to the next person but it doesn’t mean your progress is any less impressive or significant. A journey is exactly that, a journey. It takes time and effort but the end destination is the life you’ve always imagined.