3 Fool-Proof Ways to Drink More Water

3 Fool-Proof Ways to Drink More Water

There is no pop-culture diet or nutrition trend that doesn’t promote drinking more water in some way shape or form. In fact, most of them praise hydration like it’s some kind of new-age wisdom or novel nutrition hack, when in actual fact, it’s not. 

Hydration is not a health phenomenon, it’s a FACT OF LIFE.

We all know this but humans literally die without water. Getting enough is one of the easiest and most accessible things you can do to improve your health. 

So why don’t we take it seriously? 

Because water isn’t COOL. Water isn’t trending. It’s not exciting, nor is it something that gives you tangible results that fulfil the ‘quick-fix’ mindset most of us have somehow adopted.

We’re not here to nag you about it but we do understand how hard it can be to prioritise giving your body the hydration it needs throughout the day. So here are 3 fool-proof ways to drink more water!]


1. Align it with your daily routine (this is called habit stacking)

Choose 3 habits that you do naturally every single day without fail and stack the simple task of drinking a glass of water on top of it. Pairing new intentions with a current strong habit rather than a specific time or location is one of the most effective ways to build new habits.

 For example:

Just woke up? Drink a glass of water from the side of your bed before your feet hit the floor.

Just took a shower? Drink some while you’re in there. 

Meal time? Amazing, have a glass of water before you sit down to eat. 


2. Buy yourself a nice water bottle

This may sound ridiculous but humans like new things and we like new things that look good. You’re more likely to carry around a brand new water bottle that suits you and your style than a plastic one from Coles. Plus, plastic sucks! Sometimes they even have measurements on the side so you can see how you’re tracking. 

This is your permission to go and buy yourself a new water bottle today!


3. Add something delicious! 

Drinking water should never be about the taste but if our other tips aren’t getting you over the line, try flavouring your water with something natural. It makes it more appetising and might even keep you coming back for more!

  • Lemon
  • Mint leaves
  • Grapefruit or other citrus 
  • Frozen berries

Let’s be real, drinking more water won’t miraculously alter your life but it WILL regulate your body temperature, keep your joints lubricated, prevent infection, deliver nutrients to your cells, keep your organs functioning, improve your sleep, energy and physical performance as well as help you to lose weight.

So try these tips and get hydrated!