5 Ways to Eat Healthy While Travelling

5 Ways to Eat Healthy While Travelling

Mastering the art of eating healthy at home is one thing but maintaining your diet while travelling is a whole other beast. Finding healthy options, planning ahead and avoiding that holiday bloat is difficult even for the most experienced travellers… but it can be done!

Look at it this way, it may be a challenge but it’s a challenge worth taking. 

You want to be able to experience your holiday adventures with long-lasting energy and enthusiasm and eating well will help you do this. So here are 5 of the most simple hacks you can use next time you’re travelling!


1. Plan ahead and pack healthy snacks

Now, most men of the world will turn their nose up at both planning and packing a lunch box... but hear us out!

What if we told you that 1 hour of planning before a weekend trip or a week long holiday will keep you in check and have you returning home with memories not extra kilos?

Planning prevents you from making poor choices when you’re under pressure or in a time crunch. This means planning what healthy snacks to take, researching what kinds of food will be available to you, finding the nearest grocery store, writing down some ideas of meals you can create at home for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Don’t forget: When you travel domestically (and sometimes even internationally) you are allowed to cook, pack and bring with you certain foods and eat them on the plane. This saves you from eating aeroplane food which is full of hidden salts, sugars and saturated fats.


2. Eat little but eat often

If you’ve planned what healthy snacks you can take with you on your adventures, this will be easy. Pack yourself enough snacks and ensure you’re eating something nutritious every couple of hours. Aim for 3 main meals with 2 healthy snacks in between. 

Eating regularly maintains your blood sugar and prevents you from getting ravenous and seeking out unhealthy food options just to keep the hunger at bay. 

Snacks you could take:

  • Fruit with a skin (easy transportation) so apples, bananas, mandarins etc.
  • High-quality protein bars
  • Rice cakes and peanut butter
  • Carrot sticks with hummus
  • Sandwiches with high-quality sourdough or whole grain bread with fillings that don’t require refrigeration


3. East breakfast!

Travel can be chaotic and sometimes breakfast is missed in favour of a jet boat ride. That’s cool but try to prioritise eating a healthy breakfast as much as possible. It will keep your metabolism and blood sugar levels in check from the jump which will help you throughout the day!

Note: Forget convenience when it comes to breakfast as this is a sure fire way to have you deep in hash brown territory. Avoid foods high in sugar, high in refined carbohydrates and saturated fats!


4. Cook at home at least 50% of the time

This is simple and self-explanatory. Cooking at home will always be healthier (and cheaper) than eating out as you can actively avoid the preservatives, MSG, ungodly amounts of oil and whatever else the chef is feeling that day. So aim to do it as much as possible. 

Booking accommodation with a kitchen should be part of your planning in Tip 1!


5. Choose protein-rich, high-fibre meals at cafes and restaurants

Something happens to our brains when we eat out. All healthy morals go out the window and it becomes unbelievably easy to order the beef burger with sweet potato fries and a few pints of beer.

It’s absolutely OK to treat yourself but aim to get in a routine of ordering healthy options. This means meals that are rich in (high-quality) protein and have a tonne of fibre from fruits, vegetables and whole-grains. 

Tip: Swap the hot chips for vegetables or salad. Have water instead of beer. Skip the entree. 

These 5 tips are simple but often forgotten when you’re in the throws of a fast-paced holiday or work trip. That’s why planning is key. So try these next time so you can take the pressure off and enjoy your time away!