6 Genius Ways to Beat Food Cravings

6 Genius Ways to Beat Food Cravings

We’ve all felt the persistent calls of our favourite treats echo in our minds. Whether it’s an after dinner sweet treat, a Friday afternoon sausage roll, or that box of Favourites in the fridge.

No matter what temptation is trying to rob you of your willpower, without a plan in these moments, you don’t stand much of a chance. 

That’s where these 6 ways to beat your biggest and most intense food cravings come in handy! The more of these you use, the more chance you have of coming out on top!

  • Play Candy Crush, seriously!

  • We’re not in the game of increasing your screen time but if a small distraction (science says for as little as 3 minutes) can conquer your food cravings, do it. 

    When the urge hits you, click into your favourite app and use it for 3-5 minutes. 

  • Don’t buy it or have it in the house

  • Willpower isn’t heroic nor is it necessary to lose weight. There is no gold medal for being able to refuse your favourite cravings. Do yourself favour and be honest with yourself… if you bring your favourite treats into the house, can you avoid eating them? Truly?

    If the answer is no, don’t buy them and don’t have them in your house, car, desk or anywhere else that leads to temptation. 

  • Take a walk

  • There is a reason every single diet and lifestyle book, website and influencer recommends this when fighting cravings… because it actually works. Science says 10-15 minutes is all you need to ‘reset’ the brain and keep you on track!

  • Choose a healthy alternative

  • If you want something sweet… have something sweet! Just make sure it’s healthy. Instead of a chocolate bar, have a bowl of fruit. If you’re craving ice cream, have something similar but healthier like yoghurt. This is the easiest way to retrain your brain out of ingrained habits around food.

  • Stop skipping meals

  • If you’re that guy that skips breakfast, drinks far too much coffee, works through lunch, has a quick meal on the go and gets home and can’t control themselves the answer is a simple one. Eat.

    No one makes good decisions when they’re hungry so eat regular meals and avoid the cravings all together!! 

  • Schedule a time to indulge a little

  • You don’t have to eat 100% healthy, 100% of the time in order to lose weight. It’s not as black and white as that. The most important thing about weight loss is that your plan or diet is sustainable long-term… and we don’t know about you but not eating a cookie for the rest of our life isn’t. So plan to indulge at times that are special, that you share with others, that mean something. 

    Cravings are NORMAL but you CAN overcome them and learn to manage and live with them in a way that suits YOU. Use one of these tips or all of them and see how much progress you make!