6 Ways to Make Time for Exercise in a Busy Schedule

6 Ways to Make Time for Exercise in a Busy Schedule

Whether it’s your kids needing to be showered and fed, your boss wanting you to work late to finish a project, pressure from your partner because you haven’t had a date night in months or your emails are simply overflowing… making time for exercise can sometimes feel impossible.  

Life is busy and most of the time it’s your 40 minute run, your leg day or your morning ride with the boys that gets canned first in favour of the ‘more important’ stuff.

Funnily enough, these are actually the times we need exercise the most. 

Just 20-30 minutes of movement each day boosts both your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health which overall is a pretty darn good thing for your kids, your boss or your partner. Right?

So how do we manage to fit it in on top of everything else? No matter what’s happening that day?


1. Use your commute

Not every city is set up for a ride to work situation and not every workplace is set up for a post-ride shower and clothes change but if you have the capacity to walk, ride, roll, or run to work then you should be capitalising on it. You have to go there anyway, so why not get your exercise in at the same time?

If there is a gym close to work, sign up. Use their showers. Pack a spare set of clothes each night for the next morning or pack an entire week's worth on Sunday night and leave the rest at the office. Find a way! 


2. Use your errands

Grocery store? Post office? Dentist? Doctors? Why not run your errands… literally. 

Take a backpack and walk or run yourself there and back. You’ll not only get a coincidental workout in but you’ll get some Vitamin D, some time away from screens, and some alone time (ahhhh, the serenity…!)


3. Exercise when your kids are exercising

This is the perfect way to ensure your kids are entertained while you go work out… because they’re working out too! They might be playing footy, netball or even in ballet class! Use that time wisely, go for a run, a walk, a ride while they’re busy getting their sweat on.


4. Learn to run

Running is one of the most hated and loved sports all at the same time and for good reason. You can do it almost anywhere, anytime and completely free of charge! It’s one of the most accessible sports or forms of exercise you can do. Start with walking and slowly build up! Always keep your workout clothes handy… a pair of runners and some activewear in the car so you can always run no matter what.  


5. Schedule your workouts

If you don’t prioritise exercise and take it as seriously as you would take a scheduled meeting for work, it will always be the first thing to go on your to-do list. Put your workouts in your calendar on Sunday night for the week ahead and plan your days around it. 


6. Get up early

If you have kids, this is almost a necessity. Alternate with your partner which mornings are yours and wake up early enough that you can get a workout in before the kids wake up. This might be really tough in the beginning but you’ll eventually start to love the peace and quiet! 


BONUS TIP: Join a gym that is the most convenient for you! If there’s one in your apartment building, use it. One right beside your office at work? Yes. Don’t pay for a membership 10-15 minutes away when you can just ride the lift or walk across the street!

It’s important to remember that exercise doesn’t just happen and that life will always be busy. So if you don’t change something, nothing will change. It's up to YOU to prioritise yourself and your own health and hopefully these help you!